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Early Inclusion
Training and Methods Sharing for Early Inclusion
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VIFF Nord  
Partners (institutional) name German Association for Early Childhood Intervention, North Germany
Role in the project Operational project partner
Responsible person (for the project) Prof. Dr. Andreas Seidel, Prof. Dr. Liane Simon
Address Kirchenstraße 12a, c/o Diakonie Frühförderung
22848 Norderstedt
Homepage http://fruehfoerderung-viff.de
Main activity in the project
Main area of work concerning Early Inclusion The VIFF Nord is an association for professionals of different disciplines in Early Childhood Intervention, who are working in different institutions in this field (e.g. early intervention centers, social pediatric centres). 

The association organizes expert dissemination and workshops, conferences and mailing lists and tries to spread widley scientific studys and important findings to professionals, politic and public. 

VIFF Nord also acts as a lobby and link between operative professionals in the field of Early Intervention in 5 North-German Bundesländer and political and/or financial stakeholders (Leistungsträger). 

VIFF Nord is a registered friendly association which supports the interdisciplinary early childhood intervention but also provides annual workshops to professionals working in this field. The members of the board are working voluntari
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